Welcome to my website, I’m Simon and I am a qualified private pilot based in Bristol, UK. I gained my EASA PPL(A) licence in April 2017 after 2 years of training with Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club, then in November 2017 completed my night rating and difference training on the Cessna 172.

I have been very passionate about aviation and flying since I was a child and the dream of learning to fly and becoming a pilot was there since I had my first trial flying lesson from Manston Airport in Kent for a birthday present back in 2006.

The purpose behind this website is to record my progress in the form of a diary record and collate all the information, photos and videos during my training and my solo flying experience after training into one place that will hopefully be useful and interesting to others just starting out or currently in training or those who also want to follow their dream.

Having obtained my Class 1 medical in 2018 I am now studying for my ATPLs with Bristol Ground School, at the same time keeping current and building up hours and experience. The experience includes visiting as many airfields as possible, you can see where I have been on my “Airfields Visited” page.

When I am not flying I run a website development agency that I setup back in 2009, initially running this whilst holding down a full time job in IT allowed me to use the success of the business to fund my flying lessons and allow me to live my dream, learning to fly is high cost and involves lots of hard work and dedication, there are times when things go really well and you have good sessions and there are times when things don’t go well and you have bad sessions, I learn’t to take the good with the bad and to never give up on your dream.

I recommend learning to fly to anyone that is interested, for me getting in a light aircraft and being able to fly anywhere is so very appealing, the feeling and sensation of flight is extremely enjoyable coupled with freedom and the opportunities flying opens up, hopefully by now you have found out a little more about me and realised I really do have the flying bug!

Please read more about my progress on the website or contact me if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Personal thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are purely my own and have no connection or reference to the flying club I completed my training at.