How many hours of total flying experience do you have?

I currently have 94.0 hours of flying experience which includes flying under instruction and solo flight.

When did you get your licence?

I passed my skills test on 2nd April 2017, and then completed my night rating in November 2017.

Where did you learn to fly?

I learnt to fly at the Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club located at Bristol Airport, the club has a lot of experienced instructors including current commercial pilots and ex commercial pilots with the likes of easyJet and British Airways.

What types of aircraft do you fly and have you flown?

I currently fly the Piper PA28 aircraft including the 140 Cherokee and 161 Warrior and more recently upgraded to the Cessna 172, in the past I have flown the Cessna 152 Aerobat.

What ratings do you have?

I completed my night rating in November 2017 and will be looking to continue and complete my instrument rating fairly shortly.

Which airfields and airports have you flown to or from?

During my training I managed to visit a handful of airfields, being based at Bristol Airport I was able to visit quite a few within an hour, now my training is complete I am planning on visiting as many airfields as possible again within a certain radius of Bristol initially.