Piper Refresher Flight

It has been about 18 months since I last flew a Piper PA28 aircraft, although I am type rated on both the Cessna and Piper and maybe lacking a bit of confidence (I would of been fine) I decided to take the Piper PA28-161 for a refresher flight with an instructor, we had planned to do a little introduction to IFR flying as well and some higher altitude flying in readiness for my CPL once I complete the dreaded ATPL course.

I felt quite comfortable back in the Piper although during ground checks I kept looking in the wrong place for instruments, so used to the Cessna layout! We departed via Cheddar reservoir and we had some light clouds, unfortunately today we weren’t able to carry out some IFR flying so we turned the session into a general handling exercise with some PFLs and steep turns before returning back to Bristol for a landing on runway 27.

Despite the fact I hadn’t flown a Piper for around 12-18 months the instructor commented on my great handling of the aircraft and a good landing back at Bristol, which would of been perfect if I hadn’t flared too high, but I still made a good landing out of it nonetheless.

We plan on flying again soon to start some IFR work, will update when I can.