Short flight back in the Piper PA28

Once again nearly a month has passed without any flights, this is partly due to weather, work life and the fact that the usual Cessna aircraft I fly is out of action, so today I decided to blow away the cobwebs and get airborne. The only aircraft available was a Piper PA28-140, the exact aircraft I completed my first solo in a year or two ago, I do have a soft spot for this aircraft and she still flies like a dream, albeit a bit slow compared to the Cessna 172 I am used to.

The flight was pretty bumpy and I was thrown around a fair bit but I didn’t let that stop me, today’s flight was just a short one departing north of Bristol to fly to Kemble and return, without landing anywhere. The flight went well but I was surprised to remember how much longer things take in the slower Piper aircraft, still it was brilliant to be flying again.

The takeoff and landing at Bristol Airport was on runway 09, during my training I started to dislike this end of the runway due to the rising land and the hump near the landing point on the runway, today’s departure and landing even had an audience as the spotters area was very busy with spotters, all watching me no doubt!