Taking a friend to Thruxton and back

We have had a few days of great weather apart from some early mist and fog so I had planned on flying, I also invited a friend of mine along on the flight as I just love to share the experience of flight in a single engine light aircraft, my friend jumped at the chance.

The planned route was Bristol to Swansea, an airport on my list to visit, but today the mist and fog lingered just too long and wasn’t flyable so I changed plans to head East instead to Thruxton, somewhere else I haven’t been and the weather was CAVOK at that airfield.

Departing from runway 09 at Bristol Airport we headed to Thruxton, it was quite hazy but perfectly flyable, our route took us near Bath racecourse to Membury and then down to Thruxton, unfortunately I had a schoolboy error with the radio (don’t ask!) so we were unable to land there as planned and simply headed North to Kemble and back down to Bristol Airport to give my passenger a view of the lower Cotswold’s and North Bristol areas, he was still very happy and got some great photos.

Our landing was back onto runway 09 at Bristol Airport which does give great views of the airfield and allowed for some great photo opportunities for the passenger. Once landed and we debriefed he commented on it being a great flight and nice landing, always good to get some good honest feedback!