First currency check completed

It has been approximately 6 weeks since I last flew, this was due to waiting for my licence to arrive from the CAA and then weather wasn’t suitable for any flying (low cloud or wind). This meant I then went out of currency. Over the next few weeks I have some flights booked and so today decided to get current again, the club I am a member of has a 28 day currency limit under 100 hours, nothing like a goal to achieve!

The weather today was gorgeous, little or no wind and amazing sunshine, the visibility wasn’t perfect but definitely flyable. I forget that with it being summer how much longer the days are so turning up for a flight at 17:00pm is no problem at this time of year.

The aircraft had been A checked so all I needed to do was complete the paperwork, get booked out, grab the PLB and go. My ‘passenger’ for the currency check was my previous instructor so was good to fly with him again, it was starting to feel like another test.

Walking out to the aircraft, which today was Juliet November I completed a quick visual walkaround before getting settled into the cockpit and completing the usual checks. Once all the startup, power and taxi checks were complete we were cleared to takeoff from runway 09 today and head towards Avonmouth Bridge before turning towards Filton. Once settled and levelled off the session began properly, firstly I was asked to perform a climb to 2000 feet at 65 knots, then level off. I was kind of expecting the next bit but the power was chopped and we were in a simulated engine failure scenario. Without hesitation I lowered the nose and maintained 75 knots whilst looking for a suitable field, this was to check my responses and reactions which were fine.

Climbing back up to 2000 feet I was then asked to complete a steep turn to the left and right, not a favourite of mine due to the increased G forces experienced but still not a big issue, after checking all round I turned through 15, 30, 45 and then 60 degrees along with advancing the power to full and completed a full 360 turn before levelling off and doing the same to the right. Again these were completed without issue and me currency checker was happy.

I could then head back to the airport and so gave my rejoin request calls, completed the pre-landing checks and we were heading back to the airfield, today clearance was given to proceed and report left base for runway 09, before I could do this I was given clearance to land as number one, must of been a quiet period!

On final to land ATC instructed me to continue down the runway and exit via Juliet, which is at the far end of the runway so I needed more power to land deeper into the runway, doing this gave more height and more speed and so my touch down was a bounce and then a flat landing, which wasn’t my finest landing but it was still a good positive landing, continuing down the runway and letting the aircraft naturally slow down we continued by exiting via Juliet and parking back up. Currency check over and no problems apart from the wonky landing which was put down to rustyness and the additional power on late finals.

Great, so I am current again, fingers crossed for good weather to get some flying in over the next coming month.