First flight of 2019

The weather finally played ball this week and I managed to get a flight in this week, I planned my route to be Bristol Airport, Avonmouth Bridge, Chepstow, Abergavenny, Worcester, Chepstow, Avonmouth Bridge and back to Bristol Airport.

After a short delay with the aircraft getting back from a previous lesson I was airborne, although the weather wasn’t as good as predicted it was still perfectly flyable, being nearly 3 weeks since the previous flight it was great to just get flying again.

Approaching Abergavenny you could clearly see the snow fall from the night before, some of the mountains in the distance were completely white and covered in a nice layer of snow, the town of Abergavenny was clear apart from the surrounding hills nearby. Turning and heading towards the malverns and then Worcester there was no snow apart from a few dustings on high ground.

The route was planned using the traditional plog and map but I also now use SkyDemon for every flight, mainly as a backup, but also to cross check my base navigation skills and ensure I dont stray into airspace or restricted areas.

Apart from a few lumps and bumps the flight was calm and non eventful, just the way I like it. Bristol Airport was pretty quiet and on rejoining over Avonmouth Bridge I was given clearance to join Right Base for runway 27 which is quite unusual, my landing was soft and smooth although I kept the power on a little too long than necessary so was a bit floaty but a soft touch down smoothed that little hiccup out.

The next flight I am hoping to do a landaway as it has been some months since I did that, perhaps Swansea or Welshpool. Another update soon!