Two solo flights in the space of one week

What must be a personal record for me is that I have managed to get 2 flights in, and actually fly them within the space of one week. The lovely English weather doesnt normally work out this well! So for todays flight it was a trip in the mighty Cessna from Bristol to Dunkeswell via Clatworthy Reservoir for a bit of cross country sightseeing. Although I was PIC for this flight I took along a passenger for the experience with lunch at Dunkeswell Airfield.

The weather was great, clear skies, light winds and great visibility. The initial route was from Cheddar Reservoir, over Bridgwater, turn to Clatworthy Reservoir before turning and heading for Dunkeswell Airfield. The airfield is a little tricky to find as there are a number of other disused airfields in the vicinity and so I needed to make sure I landed on the correct one!

There were a number of aircraft in the circuit, one of them also from Bristol, and a few solo flights from other airfields. Landing on the shortest of the 2 runways with plenty of room after taxiing to the grass outside the clubhouse and restaurant.

After a quick human refuel of food and drink we headed back out to the aircraft to head back to Bristol Airport. Flying to an airfield like Dunkeswell is good for practice of radio calls which are different to Bristol where clearances and requests are required, whereas Dunkeswell its at your discretion.

After a short time holding for another landing Cessna 172 we departed heading to Taunton before turning for Cheddar Reservoir and rejoining into Bristol. This was another great flight but I am starting to feel I need to push my boundaries now and experience airfields further afield with other challenges. That being said there are still qutie a few more airfields I have on the list to visit soon.