Qualifying cross country planned and plogged

Nearing the end of my PPL training and so there are just a few things left to do, one of the next milestones being my qualifying cross country (QCC) solo exercise, I need to allow four hours for this as it involves two landings at two different airfields, at each airfield I need to obtain a stamp/signature to prove I actually made it there and landed successfully.

The route for my QCC is planned to depart Bristol Airport and head towards the Avonmouth Bridge VRP, once over the Avonmouth Bridge and outside of controlled airspace I will climb to 2500 feet and head towards my first destination of Kemble Airfield in the Cotswolds. This will hopefully involve an overhead join or straight in approach to land where I will park outside the control tower, pay my landing fee, get paperwork signed before departing to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airfield some considerable miles to the North.

On arrival at Halfpenny Green, or Ha’penny Green as its commonly known, will involve the same airfield landing procedure, landing fee payment and paperwork completion before departing back to Bristol via the Avonmouth Bridge. The total distance for this exercise is 148 nautical miles, or 163 miles standard taking around 3 or 4 hours with checks, landings, startup and taxiing taken into account.

All I need now is some nice weather and calm winds to make the exercise run smoothly!